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On home page there is a link named ‘Sign Up’ located to the right of the top navigation bar. Click on that link and it will take you to the new account registration page. As you’ll see its going to be a three step process and should be self-explanatory to the most people.

In the first step you have to provide a user name, your e-mail address and a password. Your user name and the email address must be unique. That means you can’t have a user name registered by someone else. The page will let you know if your username is available or not. Also same for the email. Password should have a minimum number of 7 characters including a number. If everything is good all fields will be marked with a green correction mark. Then you can proceed to the second step by clicking on the ‘Create an account’ button.

In the second step you’ll be asked to choose an account plan. There are two plans available. First one is a free plan which is selected by default. The second option is a paid plan. The difference is if you select the free plan you won’t be able to keep your repositories private. But if you go with the paid plan you will be able to keep unlimited number of private repositories at the cost of 7 dollars per month. In this case since we are learning it is sufficient for us to stick with the free plan. Lets leave the default selection as it is. Ignore the check box selection called ‘Help me setup an organization next’. Finally click ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the 3rd step.

Third step will ask you for some details about yourself. Things like whats your level of programming experience, your interests, your career/professional status …etc. However this step is not mandatory to fill so if you don’t want to fill it then you can simply click ‘Submit’ button or skip it by clicking ‘Skip this step’ link. Once you submit or choose to skip, you will be taken to your github account dashboard. At this point we have completed the registration but you won’t be able to do anything yet. If you click ‘Start a project’ button it will ask you to verify your email address first. So open your email inbox. Look for an email titled ‘[Github] Please verify your email address…’. Open it and click the given link. Once you do that you will be taken to your github account dashboard and now it should be fully verified.

Check out below video to see this registration process in action:

Now you have a verified Github account. The next step is installing a GIT client on your computer. You can learn how to do that by following the below tutorial:

Installing a Git client


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