Installing Codeigniter on your local development environment

Click here to visit official Codeigniter download page. You should see there are several download options made available representing different Codeigniter versions. You should look for the current stable version of the framework. As of this writing, Codeigniter 3.X appears to be the current stable version. Go ahead and click the download button for Codeigniter… read more »

How to use Codeigniter Models

First lets try to get some understanding of what a Modal is and What it does? Models represents the data objects of an application. For an example in an E-Commerce site, what are the data objects that you can think of? If it is selling books, then a Book is a data object. Then there… read more »

How to perform form validations in Codeigniter

First you have to load the validation library in your controller’s constructor or in the method you are trying to perform validations. I recommend you to load it in the constructor so it will be available to all controller methods: Once the validation library is loaded, you can set the validation rules with below statement… read more »


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