Working in a Git repository that has Submodule(s)

Working in a sub-module is like working in any other git repository. Any git command that you perform inside a sub-module directory are executed in the context of that sub-repository. Sub modules too can have different branches, different log history, etc separated from the parent repository. Editing the sub-module’s content and updating its repository Lets… read more »

Fixing sql_mode=only_full_group_by incompatibility error

I’ve landed on the below error while trying to load a Codeigniter web application in my local development environment. This is not an issue on the production server which runs 10.2.17-MariaDB – MariaDB Server. However my local development environment runs MySQL Server 5.7.23 on Ubuntu 18.04. To investigate, I logged into my local MySql server… read more »

Cloning a Git repository which contains Sub modules

If you are a new collaborator joining the project, you'd start by running git clone to download the contents of the repository. At this point if you peek inside the sub-module folder, you'd see nothing. Git expects us to explicitly ask it to download the sub-module's contents. You can use git submodule update –init –recursive… read more »

Making SSH Connections on Windows

Windows doesn’t come with built in SSH support so you have to rely on some third party software. There are several options available. You can install Git for Windows that includes Git Bash which supports making ssh connections. You can install Bitwise SSH Client. PuTTY and Cygwin are also among popular alternatives. I am using… read more »

How to include jQuery in your HTML Page

jQuery is a popular Javascript library which makes it easier for you to manipulate elements of your HTML page once it is loaded into the browser. To use jQuery first we have to include it in our HTML pages. You have couple of options when it comes to including jQuery in your HTML pages: You… read more »


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