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Multiple File Upload Form

In this post I am going to show you how to create a form that allows uploading multiple files at once. There is nothing much complex about this. As you’ll see the trick is in how we configure the file upload field. Here is the html with the form: In the above markup, pay your… read more »

Formatting Currency Values

You can format any numeric value to have decimal points by the use of PHP’s number_format() function. This is ideal when you want to deal with currency values. Below I have shown an example of how this works: On line 3 we have the $price variable with its value set to 10. On line 5… read more »

Syncing an Audio Clip with Text captions

Below analysis and code sample is posted as an answer to this question posted on Facebook groups. If you go to the page and enable its ‘view source’, you should see they are loading few javascript libraries. jquery, and jquery-ui should be familiar to most of you. They also load a jquery plugin called… read more »


XAMPP and WAMP are two competing PHP development stacks for those who are working on Windows. While both products serves for the same purpose, there is a separation in the development community over whether to go for XAMPP or WAMP. In this article I have tried to give you some insights into both products so… read more »

How to detect an AJAX request in PHP

You can use below code block in your PHP scripts to check if an incoming HTTP request is made with AJAX or not. This can be useful in situations where you want to make sure your script only respond to asynchronous requests. It is important to note that HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH header is not enabled in all… read more »

How to check if Curl is available on your PHP Server?

First you can try phpinfo() function as shown in the below example. Create a file called phpinfo.php and add below code: When you save and run this script, the phpinfo() function will dump all the configuration information of your PHP installation. Scroll down until you see the word ‘Curl’ or hit Ctrl + F to… read more »

Site can’t be reached

Have you seen this screen whenever you tried to load one of your own websites in the browser? So what causes this and how to fix it? Technically this error comes up when the HTTP service is not running on the server (in this case ‘localhost’). HTTP request are served through the HTTP service which… read more »


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