How to reset linux user password?

I have a digital ocean instance running Ubuntu 16.04. On which I have disabled the root account for security purposes. For performing day to day tasks, I have created a user account called ‘test’. I enabled public key authentication for ‘test’ so that I can use some ssh client (putty or bitwise ssh client) to… read more »

Installing Apache Server on Ubuntu 16.04

First step is to logging into your linux shell. For this tutorial I am using a VPS (A Digital Ocean Droplet running Ubuntu 16.04). I have opened an ssh connection to server using Bitvise SSH client. Having logged in, first run below command to get an updated list of packages from your system’s software repositories:… read more »

Enabling mod_rewrite on Apache

I do my developments on a Digital Ocean droplet running Ubuntu 16.04. After freshly installing Apache server I wanted to have mod_rewrite module enabled in it. However I wasn’t sure whether it was already enabled by default with the Apache installation. To check that, I ran below command in my SSH shell: It showed me… read more »

How to reset the mysql root password if you forgot it

Recently I forgot root password of the MySQL server which runs on my Digital Ocean Droplet (Ubuntu 16.04). Since I have not set up any other accounts, I was stuck without being able to log into the database. I had to figure out a way to reset the password. Below I am sharing with you… read more »


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