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How to Show/Hide Html Elements with jQuery

In this post I am going to show you how to show or hide elements of a web page by using jQuery. Create a new html file with your text editor and put below contents into it: Now suppose we want to hide the text ‘Hello World!’ when we click ‘Hide Title’ link. Lets see… read more »

How to include jQuery in your HTML Page

jQuery is a popular Javascript library which makes it easier for you to manipulate elements of your HTML page once it is loaded into the browser. To use jQuery first we have to include it in our HTML pages. You have couple of options when it comes to including jQuery in your HTML pages: You… read more »

Create a new github account

On github.com home page there is a link named ‘Sign Up’ located to the right of the top navigation bar. Click on that link and it will take you to the new account registration page. As you’ll see its going to be a three step process and should be self-explanatory to the most people. In… read more »

Site can’t be reached

Have you seen this screen whenever you tried to load one of your own websites in the browser? So what causes this and how to fix it? Technically this error comes up when the HTTP service is not running on the server (in this case ‘localhost’). HTTP request are served through the HTTP service which… read more »

Installing Apache Server on Ubuntu 16.04

First step is to logging into your linux shell. For this tutorial I am using a VPS (A Digital Ocean Droplet running Ubuntu 16.04). I have opened an ssh connection to server using Bitvise SSH client. Having logged in, first run below command to get an updated list of packages from your system’s software repositories:… read more »


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